Pondering Water Purslane

I spent a good portion of this morning working on the pond, tending  to a black algae problem.  With the help of some Algae-Off, a powdered form of hydrogen peroxide, I was able to rid the bog and rocks of the black slime that plagues me in warmer water.  As I was working I also decided that the water purslane, pictured above growing amongst the rocks and gravel around the pond, was getting more than a wee bit out of hand.  It covered about 3/4 of the bog, trailing into the water and out of the bog into the garden soil.  By the time, I got through yanking, there was only one small patch of Water Purslane left in the bog. You can see it on the far right side. 

It won't be that puny for long.  This plant grows quickly and vigorously.  Although it's sold as a bog plant, I've found that it thrives whether in gravel, soil, or a boggy combination.  I planted it in a couple of other spots near the pond: one of them the gravel/rock area seen in the first picture and the other amongst the river rocks in a path near the pond.  Neither of those areas receive supplemental watering and yet the Water Purslane thrives, so much so that the Head Gardener and I are beginning to feel strong twinges of alarm.   It may yet earn itself noxious plant status.

By the end of the day, the murky water had cleared but the Japanese fantails refused to cooperate for the camera.  You'll have to take my word for it that all eleven, 3 adults and 8 juveniles, are doing well.  I'm not sure there will be room for all of them as they mature, so some of them may be put up for adoption next year.  I'm thinking that I'll keep four of them and name them Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.


I'm suspicious of purslane generally. It seems to be very vigorous where I don't need it. But you'll be glad to know that it's on the TPWD's Aquatic Plant Whitelist -- meaning they don't find it noxious. It just loves your corner of Katy! Hope you are getting rain,
I've always enjoyed purslane, and found it easy to control. I wonder why I don't have any in my garden now--I guess because of my ever-shrinking sunny spots.

Only 1 more month until October!!! I think we may make it. :-)