Three for Thursday: Cestrum Parqui

Last fall, on a tour of Plant Delights Nursery during the Garden Writers' symposium, I spotted this Cestrum, C. parqui, and decided to make it one of my purchases. I've grown Night-Blooming Jessamine (C. nocturnum) for several years and it's done well in my garden, so I thought this one might also.

Had I read the description from the PDN website, I expect I'd have passed it by ... 15 feet tall??? Further true confessions: I still hadn't read the description before I planted it. Had I done so, I certainly wouldn't have put it so near the front sidewalk. I'm pinning my hopes on the words "can reach" and hoping that means Florida or south Texas!

Named by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) as one of their top 200 plants of the last 200 years, Cestrum parqui is truly one of the most amazingly floriferous perennials that we grow. From Zone 8 south, Cestrum parqui actually behaves like a shrub and can reach 15' tall in very tropical locations, but only 5' in temperate climates. (Plant Delights Nursery description)

Although PDN describes the color as mustard yellow, it's much more delicate than that in my garden (thank goodness ... again, if I'd seen that description, I'd have passed it by.)

Like Night-Blooming Jessamine, this Cestrum is only fragrant at night and I never seem to find myself out front at the right time. Perhaps one night soon I'll walk outside and swoon!


David said…
Very cool! I love night fragrant flowers.
Hey, I'm trying to track down who invented Three for Thursday and all paths are leading back!
Are you the originator? It's a great idea and I would love to know if others are invited to do the Three for Thursday on their garden blogs. If so, count me in. I've seen a few others already. thanks.
David (Tropical Texana) :-)
Anonymous said…
Too funny - I've also bought plants without really reading the full description and then been surprised to find out exactly what it's "supposed" to do. I have a 10' Joe Pye Weed that I expected to top out at half that height, and an Asiatic lily that turned out to be 12" instead of the 6' I had planned on (which is why I never saw it bloom until two years later when I finally figured out that it was hidden behind the Echinacea!).
It's very pretty! But if I had to guess, I'd say it probably will grow very tall, if only because you've planted it right by the walk! Plants have their own sense of humor...
LindaCTG said…
Wow, that's a lovely for sure. Now, the night-blooming jessamine doesn't freeze back for you? I've considered planting one but heard it wouldn't make it through winter. If yours do fine, I'll put it back on the list.
Gary said…
Maybe they mean one of those light colored mustards like Chinese Mustard.
Cindy, MCOK said…
David, yep, Three for Thursday was something I started and was hoping others would join in whenever they felt moved to do so! Hope you'll join me this week.

Monica, I'm chuckling over the 12 inches versus 6 feet ... one more thing we have in common!

Elizabeth, I fear you're right!

Linda, it froze back but returned from the roots. I'd say it's worth trying.

Gary, I was thinking of French's mustard ... you may be on to something!