Three for Thursday: A Glorious Morning

In more ways than pictured: a  front blew through earlier this week and cooler, drier air has made it possible to work outside in the morning in relative comfort.  I headed outside to capture pictures of the Perennial Morning Glory for this week's Three for Thursday post.  The weather was so delightful that I brought the camera inside, grabbed my Tula and my gloves, and spent several happy hours playing in the dirt!

Although the temperature's up to 98, the humidity is still low and there's a light breeze.  I know it would be foolish to expect this to last ... I'm sure there's still some Awful weather left.  But I can't help hoping that maybe this year, it really is over with so soon!    The Head Gardener is laughing at me (not with me) but she looked pretty happy out there this morning.

We're both delighted that the Perennial Morning Glory finally decided to bloom ... and we both love those little touches of fuchsia on the edges of the points of the "stars"!

I hope you'll join me in posting Three for Thursday, if not this week, then next!  Pick 3 pictures of plants from your garden ... tell us about 3 books you've read that you want to share ... rant about 3 things that bug the heck out of you ... show us 3 pieces of garden art or 3 photos of egregious crimes against gardening ... have fun, be creative and leave me a comment when your post is up!


They are a glorious color. I'm so glad you actually were able to enjoy gardening again. It's been lovely here today too.
My 3 For post is up.
The color of that morning glory is beautiful -- almost unreal! I'm glad you were able to get outside while this little front lasted. May we get another one soon.
Gail said…
I absolutely love Morning Glories and the blue one are my favs! The breeze really does help we've had a little bit of one and with lower humidity it actually feels pleasant. gail
RBell said…
I've always enjoyed Morning Glories. Fun to see in the morning - yours are beautiful.
David said…
I'm still waiting for mine to bloom. I'm going to show my vines these pictures and see if they feel inspired! Beautiful photos.

David/ Tropical Texana
Rose said…
Wow, this is the most gorgeous morning glory I've ever seen, Cindy! Glad the weather has improved for you; 98 still sounds awfully hot to me:) We've had much more comfortable weather, too, and it's been nice to finally feel like getting out and getting some garden work done.

I cheated a little--I posted 3 wildflowers yesterday for double duty for "Three For Thursday." Hope you don't mind.
Commonweeder said…
I love your morning glory photos. This year I planted morning glories where we can enjoy them at breakfast. I planted a seed mix but only Grandpa Ott and a pale pink variety germinated, but they are just beautiful. My three for thursday are roses!
Cindy, MCOK said…
MMD, I was out there again today. It's a real novelty to not be sweaty when I come inside for the day!

Elizabeth, oh, how I hope we get another front soon!

Gail, I find myself standing still and just savoring the breeze when I'm outside.

RBell,thank you! Glad you stopped by my corner of Katy!

David, mutter thinly veiled threats at your morning glories ... that seems to have worked on mine.

Rose, I saw your post & commented. Thanks for joining in!

Pat, I may have to try Grandpa Ott's next year. If I put them on the back of my fence which faces the alley, it won't be as big a deal if it reseeds.