Through the Garden Gate: #10

The garden looks about as sad and bedraggled as I feel.  Nuff said.


Gail said…
It's been a long hot summer! gail
EAL said…
I was just thinking how nice it looked! I so enjoy seeing all-over views of people's gardens. You can't imagine. It is just much more interesting.
You are so wrong...your garden looks loverly:)
Tracey M said…
Love those pics.... oh and yes we need some of that rain in katy!!!! My children have been here for a few weeks and dont quite believe that it can rain yet!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, it's been a better summer than that of 2009 ... I'm doing my best to be grateful for that.

EAL, thank you! Pictures don't show the details I see and of which I despair ... that's a very good thing.

Cheryl, thank you!

Tracey, when we have one of our torrential storms, the kids will ask if it ever stops raining!