Let it Bee: Coral Vine


Annie in Austin said…
Coral vine! Forgot this is the other nickname for Queen's Wreath, Cindy. I've killed it 3 times so am glad to see yours ;-]

I love coral vine. Yours is so pretty! Mine is struggling to recover after the freeze. It's not as lush and full as it should be this time of year. On the plus side, though, it's not smothering out the Clematis pitcherii, either!
Do you ever grow the white one?
Cindy, MCOK said…
Annie, I'd be happy to give you seeds or seedlings! There's never a shortage of either.

Elizabeth, this is actually two colors, the old passalong pink and a white. I've got what I hope is the deep dark pink on another fence. I usually cut the lighter pink one back 2 or 3 times to help keep it from overwhelming the rest of the plants. These are growing up into the Texas Persimmon, though!
Gail said…
Too bad it's not a hardy vine~It's beautiful! gail
Tracey M said…
Looks beautiful, I plan to plant some of these along my fence. Am new to the area, and its good to see them growing so well in this area.
I love this plant because it grew on an old wooden fence at my grandmother's house. It bloomed all summer with no fuss and no attention right by the clothes lines. It loves sunshine.
David :-) Tropical Texana
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, I can give you seeds for it, if you want to try.

Tracey, please don't buy any, I'll be glad to pass some of the seedlings and seeds along to you!

David, I also love it because it thrives with only the barest minimum of water. My grandmothers both grew it, too.
Tracey M said…
Thanks Cindy, that would be great