GWA: The End

In which I abandon my plans to spend the day touring gardens in Fort Worth and Dallas, unable to contemplate another day outside in the heat and humidity. Yes, I'm a native Texan and thus painfully familiar with this weather.  But "used to it", as more than one attendee commented to me? I know what they mean ... but ... but ... but!!!  Oh, we certainly have a vast amount of experience with it.  And we do indeed expect it, or more properly stated, we dread it. Like everyone else, though, we find it difficult to adjust to the kind of heat and humidity we've had over the past few days.  Sadly, being acclimated rarely means we can tolerate it better than those who come from cooler climes!  I'll bet Abby, the adorable pooch met on one of our stops, would agree.


I think it's my age. I use to not mind the heat and humidity so much..but now I lose my gardening enthusiam in late Ausust. Sigh...oh to be young again!
Carol Michel said…
The phrase "hot as Texas" has more meaning to me, now that I've actually experienced it.
Rose said…
I'd be right there with you in the A/C, Cindy! I love touring gardens, but when it's hot and humid out, my enthusiasm soon wanes. Looks like you had a great time, though--the Hobbit House was delightful!
Jan said…
I would probably not have made it until Friday;-)