OK, This Is Getting Ridiculous ...

If the sky above you
Should turn dark and full of clouds
And that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call my name out loud
And soon I will be knocking upon your door.
 -James Taylor, "You've Got A Friend"

If only rain would be as good a friend as James Taylor ... this afternoon, the skies were ominously black and a less experienced follower of the weather patterns on my corner of Katy would have cracked open a bottle of champagne and started celebrating when she saw them.  Not this gardener ... I've been disappointed too many times and I knew from experience that I was destined to be disappointed today.  I was right.  I take no satisfaction in that.   I also took no pictures but all you need do is ask the gardeners to the south of me who once again got drenched.  I wuz robbed, I tell you. 


This time, Cindy, I promise! We got nuttin! I saw those black clouds and I was keeping my fingers crossed for you. But trust me, nothing fell here either!
Gail said…
How very disappointing for you. We have had no rain in weeks and need it~~yesterday! gail
Anonymous said…
That was most of the summer here in Connecticut too, albeit in a less extreme way - storm systems would come and go, leaving nothing. It hurts!
Diana said…
We were so incredibly lucky here - 2 inches Thursday and Friday. What a boost to our very dry gardens. Chance of rain for us both again today and into the week - I'll be crossing my fingers! (But not holding my breath!)
The weather report sounds like rain may be headed your way this coming week. (fingers crossed!) They said WE may even get some of the rain caused by a tropical depression. I want rain, and I desperately want temps in the 80's!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Elizabeth, I trust you understand why I say that I'm simultaneously relieved and disappointed that you weren't one of the lucky ones.

Gail, I know y'all need the rain, too. We had the hottest August ever recorded in Houston's history and my garden shows it!

Cyndy, don't you feel slighted to the point of actual insult? I do!

Diana, I'm happy for Austin. I know y'all are usually in more need of the rain than we are. It's Tuesday as I reply and the rain has finally reached MCOK. I'm on the edge of Hermine: I'm hoping that means steady but not torrential rain.

MT, I'm with you: I want lower temperatures as much as I do rain!