Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Second Verse)*

Monday, September 6th, 11:00 a.m.
And so it begins, as it has so many times before, with angry clouds building to the south, followed by ominous rumbles and flashes of lightning.  Although the Head Gardener and I were less than optimistic about our chances of rain making it to our corner of Katy, we erred on the side of caution and scurried inside.  Moments later, raindrops began to splash the patios and then they came fast and furious.
Monday, September 6, just after 11:00 a.m.
Given our recent experiences with rain, limited though they may have been, we didn't expect this to be more than a passing shower.  But the rain continued to fall for at least 30 minutes and recurred occasionally throughout the afternoon and into the evening.  It wasn't enough to make a tremendous difference in soil moisture levels but it was a start.  

So much rain fell that it proved too much for the rain lilies!
Fast forward to this morning, which was the first I knew of a tropical storm coming ashore in South Texas.  An 80% chance of precipitation sounded promising but it wasn't impossible that it would miss MCOK.  I began to check the radar obsessively, tracking the path of the rain and daring to hope that we would be blessed.  Just after 10 a.m. the showers began ... and they continued steadily throughout the day.  Although there some heavy showers periodically, for most of the day the rain was moderate but steady.  Thank you, Hermine (or Danke or Merci, since the name is used by both German and French speakers)!
Even the Head Gardener, who is notoriously difficult to please, is happy tonight!
*When I titled this post, in the dim recesses of my memory, a bell was chiming, telling me that I had used the title before.  So I searched for "raindrops" and I found this post from February.  It made me laugh to see that 6 months ago, I was indeed tempted to complain about a rainy gray day. 

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Rain - I was almost afraid to ask! By the way, I have the same troubles with blogger and spacing. It doesn't seem as bad when I see it on your site -- maybe it's not as bad as I think when it's on mine.