Rambling On ...

As a card carrying member of the Harris County Master Gardeners Association, I honor my commitment to put in at least thirty volunteer hours each year by working the credit card machine at the plant sales and pick up the rest of my hours here and there in the gardens.  When our Extension Agent sent out a request via e-mail for a volunteer to pick up twenty-one roses at the Antique Rose Emporium outside of Brenham by Thursday, I raised my virtual hand.  I knew I'd need a break from the garden and I also considered it a great opportunity to make a return visit to Warrenton in more pleasant conditions. This morning FloraBob and I trundled off to the country in search of treasure.  I came home with not only the roses but a new sculpture for the garden (to be revealed at a future date) and the coolest garden clock ever created (also TBRAAFD)(ack, I'm catching Acronymitis from one of my fellow garden bloggers).  I also found a couple of old garden tools, a bird house, a winged heart and more rusty stuff.

I wanted to share pictures of how the ARE staffer loaded the roses.  He laid the pots down on their sides and stacked them, nestled against the cab of the truck.  He said they would handle the ride home in the open bed of the truck far better this way.  Danged if he wasn't right!