There's Got To Be A Morning After ...

Zinnias germinated in a tub of soil removed from the half-barrel when I wrestled with the Rangoon Creeper.  I think I may have thrown a spent bloom in the tub when I was deadheading.

This is my makeshift rain gauge.  2 inches sounds about right.

The papier mache moon face is crumpling in on itself at the bottom from being so wet. 

When Sweet Autumn Clematis (C. terniflora) blooms, it's so lovely that one forgets all those blooms will produce fluffy seedheads, which in turn will fall to the ground and germinate, thus causing the Head Gardener to roll her eyes and wonder aloud if it's really worth it.

The corner bed is a combination of lush and lousy.  I'm not showing you the big empty spot in front of the Tina Turner Bauhinia.  The Head Gardener and I will get busy out there after we return from this weekend's garden writers' conference in Dallas.

The path to the front gate has a seriously overgrown combination of plants on one side and too few on the other.  Add to list of situations to remedy!

I love this view looking down the side of the house towards that gate.  I call this area Amy's bed because she always said it was her favorite spot in the garden.  A lot has changed since she said that and I wish she were here to see it.  I know she'd be pleased.

The weeds will doubtless have me cursing in frustration next week, when I'm up to my neck in them.  I'm really worried about the Nodding Spurge in the daylily bed, which is already out of control.  Then I found this Gripeweed, aka Leafweed or Bitterweed,growing up through the Barbados Cherry as I was taking pictures this morning. I thought I had it under control but look at how tall that one was! 

The Sweet Almond Verbena (Aloysia virgata) burst forth into bloom thanks to all the rain.  Beautiful AND fragrant ... I love this plant.
I checked on Cassandra a couple of times yesterday to make sure she was weathering the storm.  Yesterday there were two zippers ... today there's just one.  Wonder why?

Gail at Clay and Limestone often talks about finding sleeping bees in her gardens. This morning I found this guy snoozing on the Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha). Nearby a bumblebee was still dozing on Salvia 'Otahal'.   It's now midday and the butterflies, bees and mosquitoes are out in full force here at Wit's End.  If I'd stayed outside, I'd be at MY wits' end, thanks to the mosquitoes AND the humidity. 22 days of awful left ...


Unknown said…
Your sweet almond verbena looks amazing! I've been looking for one in my area (Baton Rouge, LA) and I haven't found one yet. I hear it smells great!
meemsnyc said…
I have Mexican Sage on my list of things I want to try to grow! Yours looks awesome.
Commonweeder said…
That clematis is beautiful, but I ripped mine out - or more accurately I continue to rip mine out. I never even got more than a very few days of blooms before the frost killed it. Hooray for your rain. Earl missed us. Not a drop and my well nearly went dry.