3-4-Th + 3D= 7-4-Sun

Life interrupted my cogitations re what to post on Three for Thursday ... three days later, I'm still playing catch-up on my corner of Katy, both real and virtual.  Hence the algebraic equation in the subject line, making the topic for today Seven for Sunday.

#1: 78 YOM + XHealth Issues = 1 BD*.   I was outside in the garden, watering new plants and enjoying the slightly cooler weather when I received a lunchtime phone call from my 78 year old mother, who lives just a few minutes away in a nearby subdivision.  She had been feeling lousy and was convinced that a lower molar was responsible, so I made a phone call to the dentist and got her an appointment for later that afternoon.  We spent almost an hour with the dentist but he could find no evidence of any major issues, just several minor problems that will require attention.  On the way over there, she had complained about also having some problems with her vision. As we left the dentist, and headed towards home, it became evident that her eye problems were the real concern, especially since she has glaucoma and must be alert to any changes in vision.  Her opthamologist was on our way home so I stopped there, hoping we could get her in to see him.  Unfortunately (for us, but not him), he's in Fiji until mid-November.  I took the name of a colleague and we decided I'd call him in the morning.   At some point during the night, while worrying about what was going on, I realized that her former opthamologist would be the best person to call, since she knew my mother's history.  (Were her office closer to home, Mom would still be seeing her. ) I called Dr M's office Friday morning and was able to get an appointment at 1:00.  I am so thankful that I did, since Mom has a serious problem in her left eye.  About 10 years ago, she suffered a central retinal venous occlusion in her right eye, essentially meaning a blockage of the central retinal vein caused by a clot.  Fortunately, it was a mild one and her vision was not severely impaired.   Not so fortunately, the problems she's been having are due to another CRVO, this time in her left eye and much more extensive.  We see a retinal specialist tomorrow.   (*1 78 year old mother plus x number of health issues equals 1 busy daughter.)

#2: As I sat on the patio, sipping coffee and thinking about my plans for the day Thursday, I watched a flock of birds circling overhead a few streets away, soaring and swooping, and marveled at how well they kept formation.  10 minutes later, they were still wheeling through the sky, their flight pattern taking only seconds to bring them back to the start.  I'm not sure what kind of birds they were, although they were about the right size for grackles; I'm even more curious what had them so focused.  Due to hail damage from a storm back in July, there are still roofers in the neighborhood ... I wondered if removing a roof had stirred up some sort of tasty insect.  

#3: I discovered what I fear is Rose Rosette Virus on my 'Mutabilis' rose.  You may recall that I whacked her back to a faretheewell in 2009, as discussed here.  I've regretted doing so ever since: it was far too grievous an insult to even her sturdy sensibilities. I removed the diseased canes and will keep a close eye on this rose to see whether the disease progresses.  
#4: The landscape crew stopped by on Thursday to rearrange the rock border to my satisfaction.  I'm happy with how that looks now but the foreman pointed out a new and unexpected problem in the corner bed.  This is an Agave univitata, a low-growing clumping Agave, which was planted at ground level by Othal's crew.  As you can see, it is not at ground level any longer.  A sinkhole has developed in that area of the bed, which I think was where they dug the first hole (I'm not sure ... it was such an unholy mess that it's hard to tell). I did go ahead and remove the Agave and pot it up to keep it from vanishing into the sinkhole but I agreed with the foreman's suggestion that we wait a few more days to make sure the ground doesn't settle further before filling in the hole with landscape mix. 
#5: We are now on Day 54 without rain.  I am watering the new plants and transplants almost daily.  Our rain chances are better this week than they've been in quite a while but I don't want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed.  The Cuban Gold Durantas in the picture above were watered deeply on Friday morning and yet they're drooping again.  Too much wind and too little subsoil moisture, combined with transplant shock, is my surmise.  I guess I'll be watering again this afternoon.
#6: Fall may have just barely arrived at Wit's End but the garden is already thinking about spring ... these Linaria maroccana (Toadflax) seedlings might even reach bloom size before we have our first frost!  I've spotted Viola cornuta (Johnny Jump Up) seedlings in several spots already, too.  
#7: In honor of Halloween, Ike the Stump Monster has donned his top hat and put on a happy face.  Happy All Hallow's Eve from all of us here at Wit's End!


Anonymous said…
Happy Math Day, Cindy! That is the most interesting title ever, you are a clever gal. Your mom is very lucky to have you looking out for her. The sinking earth is scarier than Ike to me!
Happy Hallowe'en!
Sometimes I have sink holes. I'm hoping yours is nothing. Prayers for your mom and for all daughter with moms with troubles. Ike is hilarious! Thank you for this very informative post.~~Dee
Kathy said…
My Johnny-jump-ups are blooming, too, but it's a last hurrah until spring for them. Fifty-four days without rain? I am so sorry, and hope I never have to experience it.
Bless your heart, you have a lot going on. I'll keep you and your mom in my thoughts -- not to mention the threat of a sinkhole! Yikes!
Gail said…
Cindy, Love the new math! Sinkholes, we have 'em them here, too. They love limestone bedrock! One's growing daily near the street~Metro's problem Yippee. My fingers are all crossed that rain will be forth coming. Goodness, I hope your Mom's eye problems are treatable. Goddluck tomorrow. gail
Anonymous said…
Ike was scary and best to your mom. Happy Halloween 4-2Day!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, all, for the good wishes for both sinkhole and my mom. They're both scary situations for a variety of reasons. I've responded to the stress by self-medicating with Snickers and Twix!
Rose said…
I almost got scared off by your title, Cindy--oh no, we have to do math?? Thanks for explaining it, and what a clever way to pull this all together. I like Ike:) But a sinkhole sounds pretty scary to me; I hope a little filling will take care of it.

Best wishes to your Mom, and I hope her health issues can be taken care of quickly.
Goodness, the title of your post scared me to death! (Happy Halloween!)
I hope your mom is better. My Mother is 80--and is doing great for an 80 year old, but there are concens from time to time that I have to address. I know now why they call us the "sandwich" generation! :)
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks for the comments, y'all. My mom had the Avastin injection on Monday and feels like her vision is already improving. We return to the doctor after Thanksgiving for another round of tests.