I May Not Be A Rock Star ...

The corner bed in early September
But I still have groupies!  Since Tuesday's visit by the Cub Scouts, my neighbor Noah and his younger brother Micah have stopped by on their way to and from school each day to pick jalapenos, watch the butterflies and hummingbirds, and smell the flowers.  Micah told me "if I were a butterfly, I would pollinate every flower in this garden!"  Noah expressed interest in taking Master Gardener classes and was most disappointed that he was too young for them.  I'm looking into the Junior Master Gardener program for him.  

It's ironic that just as I did some drastic clearing of the corner bed, thinking it was just way too much work and I should scale back, I'm reminded that what I do out there matters to other people as well.  I'm still planning to rework the plantings but I'm renewing my commitment to those who enjoy the garden, be they birds, bees and butterflies or my friends and neighbors.



And here in the Northeast, I'm president of the Buffalo chapter of the Cindy MCOK fan club. You are a rock star if you can get a kid to consider becoming a master gardener.
Gail said…
That's just too wonderful~Micah told me "if I were a butterfly, I would pollinate every flower in this garden!" He's precious! gail
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, Elizabeth! After a hard day in the garden, this rock star feels like Keith Richards looks!

Jim, I will sign autographs if asked!

Gail, Micah is a treasure. He's got a mischievous smile and is quite the little charmer.