Sunday Summary: September 27th, October 3rd

The Head Gardener and I have been trying to remember just what it was we did in the garden this week.  Monday was the first official day of cool weather and while we can't recall exactly what all we did, we know we enjoyed it.  We chronicled Tuesday's activities fairly well ... and Wednesday was the day of our big scores at Warrenton.  You know, we're kicking ourselves (and occasionally each other) over not spending even a few minutes perusing the offerings at the Antique Rose Emporium.  We were pretty well knackered, as the Brits would say, though.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday ... ??????  Oh, wait, Saturday we planted the Colchicums given to us in July by the Colchicum Queen, Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening.   Most of them were already beginning to sprout and one poor dear even had a withered bloom.  There were six varieties: C. speciosum Ordu, C. Zephyr, C. speciosum Album, C. Autumn Queen, C. Autumn Herald and C. Poseidon.  Kathy had advised me to plant them earlier but I was afraid they'd fry in the unseasonably warm September temperatures.  We're not optimistic about our chances of success with them but we do hope we're wrong.  We're grateful to Kathy for giving us the opportunity to trial them and have to commend her on the packaging: each was neatly bagged with a printed label giving the name, color and cultural information.  We'll definitely post pictures if they bloom!

That wasn't all we did on Saturday ... we also spent some time weeding in the daylily bed, which is scheduled for renovation in another week or two.  The HG and I have had a new vision of what it should be; Otahal and crew will transform it to our specifications as soon as we decide what plants we're using.  The daylilies will be shifted to other areas of that bed or to other beds to show them off better.

Today we recovered from the rest of the week but tomorrow ...  Tomorrow is another day!


Gail said…
I know what you mean Cindy~I have no idea what i did this week~Except perhaps whine about the lack of rain! it's exciting to contemplate a remodel! can't wait to see it! I so want to move the daylilies, but finding them a good home has been tough~Space for sunworshippers is at a premium here.