Three for Thursday: The Corner Bed

Before: view looking east

Before: looking west

After: Looking south/southeast
I've spent a good number of hours in this area the last 10 days or so, pulling out manky zinnias and cosmos, yanking weeds, laying newspaper and spreading compost.  I also laid a dozen pieces of flagstone, hoping it would be enough that I could make my way through the bed without compacting the soil. I need more flagstone: my legs are short.  I'd wish for longer legs in my next life but I suspect I'd come back as a giraffe. 


Commonweeder said…
Big project! I'm going to work on putting stones in the garden beds next year, too. Big enough to hold both feet.
Rose said…
Yes, we do have to be careful what we wish for:) You've been very busy, Cindy--how exciting to have a clean bed for new plantings. I need to put down some stones, too, if I make my beds any wider. I do have long legs, but I've been known to trip and squash a few plants before:)
Goodness, you have lots of new space to plant more goodies. I know what you mean about being careful what you wish for...I think I'd better just accept what I've got right now! I added a 3-for-thursday link to my recent post (it's my first time!). Jan
Anonymous said…
What a huge project you have underway. Laying flagstone is a big and tiring job.

Not sure I would want to come back as a giraffe, but I am sure it would be better than many other animals.
Tracey M said…
You really have been busy, looking forward to seeing what you plant.
Layanee said…
You must be exhausted. Looking great and what is more gratifying? I love it when all is neat and tidy in the garden and it rarely happens here.