Three Four Thursday: Mellow Yellow

It's a bright and breezy fall day on my corner of Katy and yellow is most definitely the color of the day, at least in the front gardens.

Berlandiera lyrata, Chocolate Daisy 

Calylophus berlandieri, Sundrops/Texas Primrose

Tagetes lemonii, Copper Canyon Daisy

Engelmanii peristenia, Engelmann's Daisy
It's much too lovely a day to spend inside, which is why I must bid you Adieu, Aloha, Auf Wiedersehn and Au Revoir, don my gardening togs and head out the door for a good day in the sunshine!


Alison said…
Ha, Three Four! You have some beautiful yellows blooming there. Thank God for Fall weather in Texas, eh? Hope you have a great day in the garden.
I'm so glad you're enjoying beautiful weather and such sunny blooms.
These have been beautiful, perfect days, haven't they? Love the yellow!
Every so often that chocolate daisy comes to my attention and I remember I want to get it...I hope I remember longer this time!
Robin Ripley said…
I don't envy much about living in Texas, but I do envy your being able to be outside gardening with real, blooming flowers this time of year. I mean, something other than those freakin' mums.
Yellow is such a happy color, and you have it aplenty--along with some lovely weather. This is the time of year when it is a joy to live in Texas!
Rose said…
Lovely sunny blooms, Cindy. The only yellow we have here is dying foliage:)