Wildflower Wednesday: The Head Gardener's Wildflower To Do List

From the way the HG is whinging and moaning, you'd think the list had enough chores on it to keep her busy from now through Christmas.  In reality, it's pretty simple. 
  • She needs to soak the bluebonnet seeds and then scatter them in the spots I designate.
  • She needs to tell me just what in the heck she was thinking when she ordered four ounces of Toadflax (Linaria maroccana) seeds.  Good grief, woman, this isn't Green Acres!  If Toadflax begins springing up in random spots around Katy (and indeed the greater Houston area), it is on her shoulders.  
  • She needs to consult with me about the best spots for the Agalinis seeds we purchased from Prairie Moon Nursery a while back, and then plant those.
  • She needs to get over the idea that we can grow Drummond Phlox, the gorgeous red variety that we see in fields and along roadsides in spring.  We've tried and failed several times. Yet here's another packet ordered from Wildseed Farms.  If her shoulders are sagging, she only has herself to blame!
  • She needs to be commended, however, for ordering Callirhoe involucrata, Winecup, seeds.  That's my favorite Texas wildflower and we only have the white variety blooming here.  
  • She needs to scatter some of the umpteen varieties of wildflower seeds she's saved over the past couple of years and let nature take its course. 
  • And finally, she needs to give serious thought to thanking her lucky stars she lives in Texas, where the spring wildflowers start blooming in February and brighten our corner of Katy immeasurably!
Wildflower Wednesday is the meme of my dear friend Gail at Clay and Limestone. Mosey on over to her cedar glade and see what's happening there!


Rose said…
Yes, you are fortunate, Cindy--in February we will still be digging out of snow and tired of piling on four layers of clothes to go outside. Seeing your wildflowers here will be a real treat.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
HG is busy! I love that Drummond Phlox too. And red corn poppies. One year we planted the Texas-Oklahoma mix from Wildseed farms and the red corn poppies were out of this world! We've never duplicated it -- and it's been a dozen years or more. Oh well! Happy seeding!