A Request

Could someone please tell me where to find the thistle socks for the goldfinches?  You know the ones I'm talking about ... those heavy-duty net socks that I bought last winter from Wild Birds Unlimited?  Be specific and note that the Head Gardener has deemed the following three answers to be unacceptable:
  1. They're in the last place you put them.  
  2. They're in the last place you saw them.
  3. They're in the place you put them so you'd remember where you put them.
And, yes, you are correct in surmising that the goldfinches are arriving on my corner of Katy and I want to have plenty of feeders available for them.  I counted three finches in the main feeding area this morning and I was most displeased by my inability to find the sock feeders.  The Head Gardener was even more disgruntled.  She's still muttering about it ...


Consider how little space they take up...look in a small spot.