Sing Hallelujah, Come On, Get Happy!

The HG's expression is not unlike this cherub's.
For months now, I've been lamenting the loss of my fabulous Felco 13s.  When I was unable to find them after a particularly intense session of pruning in the front gardens, I assumed that I'd inadvertently dropped them into the garden cart along with the branches and twigs.  THe contents of the cart were subsequently dumped into a trash can in the alley and los senores de basura carried it away, as is their job.  Every time I needed those pruners and remembered how careless I'd been with them, I cursed my lack of attention to proper tool placement.  The Head Gardener has been positively despondent and I've endured what I consider an excessive amount of headshaking and heavy sighs over my lapse.
The pocket extends almost to the top of the wheel.
But the HG can punish me no more for that which is lost has been found!  While out surveying for possible freeze damage this morning, I opened the side pocket of my garden cart to put my fish/leaf net inside.  Much to my surprise, I could see a flash of red in the depths of the pocket.  Oh, joy ... oh, rapture ... my Felcos had not been improperly placed NOR had they been carelessly tossed.  They had been tucked inside the deep and capacious pocket of the cart (by the Head Gardener, I might add).  Although they had a bit of rust on them, that was easily removed with some extra fine sandpaper and my beloved pruners are once again ready for duty here at Wit's End.  

Even Seamus is rejoicing!
As for the HG, she will be subject to the same treatment as that which I have received at her hands lo these many months ... and then some!


Gail said…
You lucky gardener to have your pruners restored to you! I cannot tell you how many of mine have been lost and never found. gail
I can certainly imagine your joy! I try to be extra careful with all my tools. Knock on wood I haven't lost any Felcos yet.
Kathy said…
I just love it when I find lost items. Where did you get your garden cart? Could you send me a link to it?
Alison said…
Hurray for finding lost items, especially pruners that you love! Glad to hear you will giving as good as you got.
Carol Michel said…
I love a story about pruners that has a happy ending!
Wonderful! I have renewed hope of finding my favorite old screwdriver/weeder.
Commonweeder said…
You were lucky! My husband usually finds anything I've lost with the lawnmower. I love those red Felco grips - they help a lot.