Three for Thursday: A Tale of Three Cyclamens

Three Cyclamen atop 'Table with Legs'
In a search for pink skullcap a few weeks ago, I wandered the aisles of a large local garden center, one whose red and yellow striped awnings are ubiquitous in the greater Houston area. I don't visit this chain's stores more than a handful of times in a year, preferring to support small local nurseries with knowledgeable staff who are themselves gardeners and nursery stock that comes from local growers. As it turned out, neither my usual haunts nor the big box garden center had pink skullcap.  What I did find at the latter were rows and rows of annual Cyclamen.  Garden plantings of these exotic beauties are a familiar sight in Houston gardens from November through February; while I don't participate in the mass planting exercise, I do enjoy seeing their bright blooms nodding above the striking foliage.  It was the foliage which compelled me to bring home three white Cyclamen from the BBGC and to share them with you as this week's Three for Thursday.  The pictures speak for themselves and it's appropriate that today is also Foliage Follow-Up, Pam at Digging's meme celebrating the beauty and intricacies of foliage.


Layanee said…
I completely forgot about bloom day. I cannot believe I did that although blooms are scarce here. I do love white cyclamen. Butterflies fluttering atop a grouping of lovely leaves.
David said…
Ewww! I love the foliage on that first one. Happy 3 for T and GBFF.

I'm going back out to school the week after Christmas and hope to visit your garden if you are in town. I'll email you.
This week was a blur...I don't even think I fed the cat. Yipes.
(Maybe I did)
David/ Tropical Texana & NCE
Pam/Digging said…
Yea, I can comment again! Thanks, I hope the word verification keeps the spammers at bay. Cyclamen's got it all going on, doesn't it? Flowers and foliage. It's a lovely winter addition. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up.
Commonweeder said…
I love cyclamens of every color. However I am not very good at keeping them going after they bloom.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Layanee, that's a great description!

David, I'll be around the 27th & 28th & morning of the 29th.

Pam, it's nice to see you again!

Pat, one year I managed to keep a cyclamen going until the following winter. I'm still not sure how I did that!