Wildflower Wednesday: The Beauties of A Misty Morning

Considering that this is the most moisture we've had on my corner of Katy for weeks now, I found it a pleasure to be out on a cool and misty morning.  The ground was only barely damp but at least the flowers felt the dew on their petals. 

 Each of the Gaillardia blooms is the same and yet slightly different ... they fascinate me with their diversity.
 I invited my young friend Lily to smell the Berlandiera lyrata yesterday and asked her if she thought it smelled like chocolate.  "It DOES!"

 Pardon the blur on this picture ... I wanted to show the mist on the petals.

Dewdrops on Sundrops are a lovely sight to behold.  Sundrops is a Calylophus but I'll be darned if I'm sure which one.  I thought it was drummondianus but now I think it could be berlandieri ssp. pinifolius because of the needle-like foliage.

Wildflower Wednesday is my friend Gail's celebration of those tough native beauties ... won't you visit her Tennessee cedar glade at Clay and Limestone and see what other gardeners are celebrating this month?


I know what you mean about the dew being the only moisture! It's getting worrisome. But your flowers are beautiful -- gaillardia is one of my favorites, too. I noticed I have an echinacea popping up, unseasonally. But it has been warm! Take care and Merry Christmas!
Rose said…
I'm becoming more and more a fan of gaillardia--it's hard to resist these cheery and colorful faces. So nice to see such bright color right now as I look out on a vista of white here.

Best wishes for the holidays, Cindy--a very Merry Christmas!