The Case of the Stubborn Ocimum

The meteorological pundits were correct in their speculations and the mercury did indeed fall to uncomfortably chilly levels here on my corner of Katy.  26 degrees was the reading on my patio thermometer at 7:30 a.m.  It's currently hovering in the mid40s ... the sun has vanished after a brief appearance and skies are overcast, making it a good day to be inside.  

As I mentioned on December Bloom Day,  I've been loath to pull the sweet basil since it was still a major focus of attention for the bees.  But the longer it's lasted, the more I've tired of seeing it in that space: the Head Gardener plopped it down there in one of her fits of industry, despite my warnings that it would grow too big for that spot. [Interjection from the HG: may I respectfully suggest that She Who Must Be Obeyed is confused about who did the plopping and who did the warning?]  

When I mentioned that a hard freeze was predicted and that it might finally put paid to the Basil, I was subjected to numerous and lengthy remonstrations by some of my fellow garden bloggers (you know who you are*) regarding my attitude.  I was exhorted to cover the basil to protect it from the freeze and I did give some consideration to doing so.  Even though some bloggers would have it that I intentionally and purposefully, with malice aforethought, did leave said basil in an unguarded and vulnerable condition, or that it was a subconscious effort to harm the plant, the truth of the matter in the end is that I simply forgot. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

*Leslie of Growing A Garden in Davis, Frances of Fairegarden, Barbara of Mr. McGregor's Daughter, Gail at Clay and Limestone Confess or suffer the tortures of the comfy chair!  And by the way, you'll notice that there's one branch of green basil still on the plant, which I'm sure you'll tell me I should protect from tonight's freezing temperatures.  I hope I don't forget.


So, you did pull it. It's time. :))
Anonymous said…
I proudly proclaim, "Save that last bit of basil!" We really hate to see it go, Cindy. You don't know how lucky you are to be able to have nearly year around fresh basil for cooking. She says with envy. Thanks for the linkage! :-)
Gail said…
I say off with its head~I get my basil at the market and it's just as tasty. Thank you for the linklove....gail
Kathy said…
I think it's time to start fresh with basil. But what really interests me is why that one branch didn't get the cold damage that the rest of it did. For a cold climate gardening like me, it would be very helpful to figure that out.
Layanee said…
I say 'make room for the new'. Sacrifices must be made. :)
I love it, the Ronald Reagan defense! LOL! Thanks for the linkie.
Ramble on Rose said…
I would definitely pull it and try something else. As Frances said, you're lucky enough to be able to have fresh basil all year, why not shake things up with a different variety?
Inhaling the scent of basil is known to raise the spirits...keep it going so you can take a sniff when needed! I've been known to sniff the bunches at the grocery store.
Carol Michel said…
Pull it, move on. Get some more basil.
Commonweeder said…
No basil in evidence here. We are under 18" of snow. Getting to the henhouse is an alpine trek.
Susan Tomlinson said…
Easy come, easy go. You can always plant a new one.
Cindy, MCOK said…
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Cindy, MCOK said…
Dee, I agree. It just seems wrong to have basil in January!

Frances, if I cooked more often, I'd probably be more inclined to save the basil. It won't be that long till it sprouts again anyway!

Gail, I left the one branch that was green on the plant in honor of Frances!

Kathy, I wondered about that too.

Layanee, my thought exactly!

MMD, I'm not sure how I feel about being compared to RR!

Rose, I doubt I could plant basil now & have it live. This one has a good strong root system so it can hold up to the cold.

Leslie, I'll clip a sprig and keep it on the windowsill, how's that?

Carol, I'll probably have more basil seedlings than I know what to do with by May!

Pat, I cannot imagine what that's like. I literally have no frame of reference! When you coming down to Katy?

Susan, yep, there will always be more basil!