Through the Garden Gate: I See Hope for the Future!

I had planned to post about winter's effect on my corner of Katy, most particularly the front gardens.  It was an absolutely perfect day here, weatherwise, so much so that I decided a small celebration was in order when I was through working for the day. I popped a split of champers and sat out back to toast the beginning of spring.  As I lazed in a chair, sipping and gazing,  the sun slipped lower in the sky and dusk began to fall.  I thought of my friends in cooler climes who are even more winter weary than I am and who can only dream of spring's awakening.  So when I'd polished off the Pommery, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures through the garden gate for all of y'all whose gardens still slumber.  I hope they will give you hope for your future gardens!


Susan Tomlinson said…
Well, that's certainly a lot greener than anything I've got up here on the plains...
It's interesting how different your garden looks when the trees are leafless. Your garden looks pretty darned inviting right now. Spring can't come soon enough for me.
Mary Ann Newcomer said…
Wow. Greening up there! Are those actually blossoms? I don't remember what a blossom is!
It's excitiing to see spring popping up every where.
Kathy said…
Thank you, Cindy. Another 1-3 inches of snow here tonight.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Susan, I hope spring makes it to your plains soon!

MMD, it really does look different, doesn't it? I want more evergreens along the fence to give some winter interest.

MA, there are indeed blossoms! My beloved Toadflax always comes through for me.

Patsy, every day there's a new sighting of leaves or blooms!

Kathy, I know you still have a while to go before spring makes it to you. Hang in there!
Gail said…
What a juxtaposition between now and your header photo~I can see the garden's bones. They are very nice, btw. Will it be almost back to normal by next month? gail
Wow, everything has greened up quite nicely. Happy days are here again!
Commonweeder said…
I will be there to see all that green in less than a month. All is white white white here.
David said…
The weather has certainly taken a turn for the better. I'd say even PERFECT for that matter. It's as if winter never happened. That is, until I look around at all the brown things I used call plants.

Your garden is really GREEN.
Perhaps I can stop by next week after school for a visit.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston
Sharon Ferguson said…
Writing to you from your neighboring town of Richmond. WOW - I love what you've done with your backyard. So far all Ive managed is my 'side garden'. Looking forward to reading more of your site!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, it will take till June for it to look like the header again.

HGG, the happy days were here until this morning's big chill and windstorm. Working the MG sale outside was a frigid adventure!

Pat, I hope to have lots of lovely blooms for you to see, too!

David, I'd love to see you next week. Let's pick a day when no rain is predicted!

Sharon, welcome to my corner of Katy! It's always great to meet another gardener from this part of the world!

Dee, I know you're chomping at the bit for winter to be over and done with!