Three for Thursday: The Odd Susan Out

In the midst of a stand of Rudbeckias, I found a trio of pale yellow blooms that stood out amidst the usual sunny gold flowers.  When I traced the stems back to the ground, I could see that all of the differently-colored blooms were on one plant.  I'll be monitoring that plant and saving the seeds, hoping to get another generation of Rudbeckia 'Lovely Lemon'.  Maybe I'll call that plant Liz for now ...


Very pretty one Cindy. I'd like some of those seeds. :)
David said…
It's nice to find such surprises in the garden, especially a promising new bloom type. Yes, save those seeds and see what happens next year. It could become quite a hit if it stays true to seed.
David/ Tropical Texana & NCE
BTW: next week is my last week in Katy. Was your quest to find some butterfly weeds for me successful?
Thanks so much for trying.
HolleyGarden said…
How unusual! Very pretty. I hope your Lovely Lemons flourish!
I love these flowers! Beautiful garden!
Carol said…
I don't know about your corner of Katy, but on my little ranch in Conroe-it's burning hot! I have stuff frying that I never have had problems with in Mobile-guess it's the lack of rain. Working on the dripsystem this weekend! Carol
Cindy, MCOK said…
The Head Gardener speaking here: I regret to inform you that we encountered technical difficulties. I won't identify the culprit but someone inadvertently pulled up the plant while deadheading another nearby. I have salvaged the plant and am waiting to see if it will retain enough life for the seedheads to mature.

OK, now that the HG has had her say, it's back to me. Carol, the Weather Underground station I follow in my subdivision has recorded 102 degrees three times in the last week. Even the drought tolerant plants are having a rough time.