The Most Beautiful Sight In the World



Gail said…
It's wonderful and beautiful Let's hope this primes the rain pump~gail
Oh my gosh!! I hope it lasts a good long time! And moseys on up my way too. :-)
HolleyGarden said…
I'm so glad you got some rain! We have had rumblings, but no precipitation. At least it's raining somewhere in Texas!
David said…
You are soooooo lucky. I saw it on radar.
Me? I was wedged in between two storms and both missed us. Then another, then another, then ANOTHER went by north and west of us. At least Lake Houston got a direct hit. Maybe it will be our turn tomorrow.
Just to hear thunder was a blessing.
David/ Tropical Dust (my new garden name if it doesn't rain)
Susan Tomlinson said…
Wow! Is that what it looks like? Blessed relief.

Looking forward to catching up in Seattle!
Cindy, MCOK said…
The rain lasted less than 5 minutes but perhaps it's just as well the storm was brief. The wind was fierce enough that it uprooted a tree a few streets away.
RBell said…
I'm green with envy; my plants are brown with thirst.