Report from the Head Gardener: The Greening of Wit's End

She Who Must Be Obeyed has decreed it my duty to inform our readers of the dawn of a new era for the gardens of Wit's End. Inspired by our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, and encouraged by my enthusiastic reception of her proposal, SWMBO boldly went where no resident in our immediate area has gone before. Yes, readers, we are indeed going green on this corner of Katy.
I believe that our astute and observant readers will take my meaning after a closer look at the trio of pictures taken early this morning.  A future post by SWMBO will both expand upon this theme and give a broader view of this verdant change.

Would that said changes include an early cool front and days on end of gentle rain but such is not the case.  The gardens here at Wit's End are suffering even more than SWMBO. With her exterior surroundings in disarray, she claims that she has been undone by the chaos of the undertaken greening.  I do not profess to be overly fond of the process myself but such is the way of things when non-gardening outsiders swarm the premises.  Thankful though we both are for their hard work in trying temperatures, we will nonetheless be grateful when their work is done.  Meanwhile, it is my duty to remind SWMBO to keep calm and carry on.

Respectfully submitted,
The Head Gardener


The new house color looks great & makes the perfect backdrop to the garden. It looks cooler, even if it might not feel like it.
I'd love to see a 'bigger picture' photo!
Alison said…
I love the shade of green you chose! Maybe you ought to buy SWMBO a fainting couch till it's all over....
Kathy said…
Those plants don't look very trampled to me. Seems like the painters did a good job of respecting the garden, as well as painting the house.
David said…
I feel cooler already! What a nice shade of green and what a nice backdrop for those cottage flowers.
At our place,we had roofers throw old shingles onto our flower beds when we had our roof done. I had new levels of what I can only describe as 'roof rage'. Maybe painters are a gentler bunch. Hang in there.
David/ :-)
Green is one of my favorite colors--the color of LIVING plants (a rarity here 'bouts)and the color of money...I love it!