If It's The 15th, It Must Be Bloom Day!

Here at Wit's End, it seems like Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day sneaks up on us each month.  At least the Head Gardener and I have an excuse this time: we've been battling a nasty cold virus that sapped us of energy and led, as it inevitably does, to a bout of bronchitis.  We've spent very little time in the gardens this past week but we are happy to report that we're on the mend.  We felt well enough to venture out with camera in hand and capture images of some of the many blooms on this corner.

Number one on our list of plants we need more of: Asters!  Aren't they glorious?

Barbados Cherry (Malpighia glabra) may be the #1 heat- and drought-tolerant plant we grow. This is just one of several that sailed through summer.

Rose 'La Marne' responded quite positively to last Sunday's rain.

 Coral Vine (Antigonon leptopus) is another summer stalwart.
The pollinators are giddy with delight over the abundance of blooms.
True confessions time: I'd planned to paint the inside of the fence around the back gardens this month.  Because it would require removing the vines so the painters could work, I've postponed the project until there's not quite so many creatures dependent on the vines.
'Belinda's Dream' is blooming but she had a rough summer & it shows. Those leggy canes of hers aren't attractive.  I'm hoping some judicious pruning at the right time will result in renewed vigor.
In the midst of this thicket of Turk's Cap 'Pam's Pink' and Mexican Bauhinia (B. mexicana), I  spotted a splash of  violet-red and made a happy discovery.
A lone Clematis bloom, variety unknown. Gorgeous, isn't she?

I fear the bottlebrush bloomed just a few days too late for the hummingbirds.  

Butterfly Vine (Mascagna macroptera) may be the definition of acid yellow. 

Cuphea 'David Verity' in front of Panicum 'Ruby Ribbons'

Dwarf Pomegranate blooms are embarassingly voluptuous.

Miniature Hamelia has smaller leaves and bloom clusters than the big-leaved varieties. The blooms are beyond plentiful, though.

I don't know why I thought I didn't like Ice Plant (Delosperma).  The starry yellow blooms are enchanting!

Cosmos, Castor Bean (Ricinis communis) and Texas Sage 'Rio Bravo' are a gaudy combination on the corner.

The bees are abuzz over Justicia 'Fruit Cocktail'.  

I bought a Patrick's Abutilon at Barton Springs Nursery in Austin last year.  I've had limited success with Abutilons before so I'm delighted this one is doing so well.
If asked to name my favorite fall-blooming perennial, I'd be lying if I said anything other than Toad Lily (Tricyrtis).  They're not showy but I adore them beyond reason. 

I plan to add more of this Scutellaria 'Fuchsia Fountains' out front.
As always, a tip of the trowel to the Head Gardener at May Dreams Gardens, who originated Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Check out the links to other bloggers' posts!


Your plants look great. There are so many things blooming now that the weather is cooperating. I love your coral vine. Planted my first one this year. It has some blooms, but not as many as yours. I also love your Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) and Patrick's Abutilon. This two are on my plant wish list. Glad you are feeling better.
Fairegarden said…
It is all beautiful, Cindy. Knowing the kind of summer you have had there in Katy, it is hard to believe it by the looks of the flowers. I don't blame you for not painting the fence with that lovely vine offering goodness for the pollinators.
Rock rose said…
I don't know why but I don't have a single one of the flowers that are blooming in your KAty garden. Surely they would do well here after all we only a hundred miles away. I must try the abutilon again. It is so lovely as are all your blooms. Why not sign up for our Austin nursery giveaway. it would be a good reason to come on up here to clam your prize!!
RBell said…
Your asters & coral vine sure bring nice splashes of color to your garden. Not sure if my toad lilies are even going to bloom this year - think the heat/drought was too much for 'em. Happy GBBD!
Carol Michel said…
Your garden is a beautiful sight to behold in the fall. Thanks for sharing it with us on bloom day and good to hear that you and the Head Gardener are feeling better.
Tons of blooms! You so deserve that for surviving the summer!
HolleyGarden said…
Oh, your asters are fabulous! Isn't LaMarne a great rose? Mine is always in bloom! And your coral vine!!! Wow!
Rose said…
What a gorgeous array of blooms you have, Cindy! You would never know they had endured such a difficult summer. The coral vine is beautiful; I don't blame you for postponing the painting project for awhile. I've been putting off planting the rest of my bulbs, because I want to plant them where I have a bed of annuals, and the annuals are still looking so good.

Glad you're on the mend! Those nasty viruses can sure sap your energy.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Hey, y'all! Thanks for stopping by MCOK. Since some folks had trouble commenting when I used the new Blogger interface, I've switched back to the old one.

I'll have coral vine seeds out the wazoozle soon, so if anyone wants them, you have merely to ask!
scottweberpdx said…
Wonderful post...and I agree whole-heartedly about Asters...you can NEVER have too any ;-)
Vicky said…
all of your flowers are stunning but your Coral Vine really catches my eye. I am going to try that next year. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures.
Oh what a fun trip around your garden. I long to grow your bottlebrush but it's too tender up this far north. I can think of no better appropriate and descriptive name for a fl0ower
Cat said…
You've got lots blooming. It's nice how the cooler temps have encouraged a new flush of blooms! I picked up a Barbados Cherry at Barton Springs Nursery the other day. It does have such sweet little flowers. My Patrick's abutilon has several blooms on it. First time...usually it puts on one or two but since the rain and cooler temps I might finally get to see it in full bloom.