A Mighty Wind's A-Blowin' ...

Insert sound of wind above.
The first major cold front of the season is sweeping through the greater Houston area, my corner of Katy included. The wind is gusting up to 20 mph in some areas, accounting for an unusual fit of prudence on my part: I have deemed it best NOT to work in the gardens today and risk a relapse of my recent respiratory troubles.  We leave on Thursday for a long weekend in the Big Apple and I'd like to be healthy enough to enjoy myself thoroughly.  I've been checking the weather for New York City and it promises to be brisk, although nothing like the post-blizzard conditions we experienced during our January visit.  This time I hope to see some of the gardens of New York City: the High Line is tops on my list of must-sees, as well as the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park.  

Head Undergardener In Charge of Basking, doing her usual stellar job
Meanwhile, back at Wit's End, the gardens will have to fend for themselves.  I'm hoping the housesitters/undergardeners will live up to their promise to keep containers watered.  I've been working to reduce the number of containers in the gardens so their chores shouldn't be too onerous.  The Head Gardener will be traveling with me, of course: the woman and I are inseparable ... some might say indistinguishable.   I have concrete evidence that proves otherwise but I'm keeping it under wraps until such time as I deem it imperative to bring it forth.

Speaking of concrete, there's a new book coming out from the good folks at Timber Press.  Concrete Garden Projects "offers up an inspiring array of creative projects that can be made for next to nothing".   To celebrate the book's release, some lucky gardener will win not only their own copy of the book, but a $25 gift certificate to Home Depot  and a set of foam number molds as shown on the Timber Press website's video.  The contest ends on October 21st, so head on over there and enter (click on any of the links in this paragraph to get there).  I'm looking forward to receiving a complimentary copy of the book from Timber Press in return for mentioning the contest here.  (Note to FTC: No other consideration was requested/given by Timber Press or given/requested by me in exchange for this mention.)


Layanee said…
Are you coming to visit me? I wish!
Rock rose said…
Don't you absolutely hate this wind. I couldn't even bring myself to go out there today becasue I knew it would suck the life out of me-and the plants too. The price we pay for a cool day.
Have fun.
Commonweeder said…
Be sure and visit Bryant Park on your way from the High Line to Central Park. It is the most delightful public space. I don't know that I can ever invite you here to Heath. A 20 mile wind is just an ordinary Heath zephyr.
Hope you had a good time and no health issues Cindy! I'd love to do some of the gardens in NYC. I hope you come across some of the nice little "pocket parks" they have in Manhattan.
A mighty wind is blowing here too. I notice the assistant head gardener doesn't look all that happy about it either.~~Dee
StoBlogger said…
I hope you had a fun and productive trip to New York. Did you get out before the snow flew this weekend? To see Central Park covered in snow would be phenomenal.
Lucy Abbott said…
Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures of your fall garden. As always, I love seeing what's going on in your corner of Katy. Your blog is a delight!