Mulch Ado About Something: A Lesson, Part Two

Sifted mulch
Anyone care to guess how I've spent my time since my last post?  

This is one of two mulch heaps created by my efficient team of workers.
With rain predicted for both days last weekend, and the Head Gardener uncharacteristically optimistic about the forecast, on that Saturday we dragooned the the Executive Producer to help shift the piles of mulch into containers.  I'd already gotten a fair number of bags of Black Kow composted manure and Micro-Life organic fertilizer spread in the beds along the south fence.  It did rain on Saturday, which watered in those amendments nicely.  Since then, I've been working to spread the mulch and tidy beds as I go.  It's slow going but only one bin of sifted mulch remains.  While I was working in that area, I decided to screen the contents of the half whiskey barrel which has been serving as a compost bin. Oh, mama, did that produce some gorgeous fluffy compost!  Sorry I can't show y'all but my gloves were too dirty to handle the iPhone.

Now comes the next challenge: planting that long stretch of bed that's empty.  There have been various and sundry annuals and perennials in that area but I never seem to have found the right planting scheme for that area.  I think I'm getting a handle on it but we shall see.


Gail said…
....and I can't wait to see what you plant and how it looks! xogail
Fairegarden said…
Sifted mulch and sifted compost, a gardener's dream!
I bet it will all break down nicely and create the fluffy soil we all dream of.~~Dee
I'm sorry you had to do this but so glad the planting at the end of the tunnel is in sight. A cautionary tale for us all.
Commonweeder said…
You've got quite a job there and I can't wait to see the new plantings!