Just one more piece of evidence that my sister ROCKS!*

January 31, 2012

This morning I looked at the radar map on Weather Underground, set it to animate and concluded that the rain would miss my corner of Katy, thus ensuring myself several hours of steady rain.  As a highly self-trained meteorologist, I pride myself on being able to read the radar incorrectly 95% of the time ... or more.  

*For months now, I've been meaning to post about this ab-fab gift from my baby sister.  After seeing a BEWARE OF DOG sign by owner Edward Girrens of Plasma Thought, she contacted him to ask if he could make one that said BEWARE OF GARDENER.  I'm thrilled that he agreed to do so and still think this is the best present she's given me yet.  There have been too many to count over the years, so that says a lot.   I hope you'll visit the PlasmaThought site and peruse a delightful selection of yard stakes, garden markers, wall art and more.  Sorry it took me so long to post about this, Laura!


Lucy Abbott said…
TOO FUNNY! I love it! You’ve got a good thing going!
David said…
I like that! Will it keep weeds away? LOL
About the baby Blackfoot daisies; YES! I'd love some. I probably have seeds all over the flower beds from the parent plants but don't get any volunteers. I don't know why.

Quick question: I've killed Buddleia two times in the past and found some on sale for a super low price. Can you/can we grow Buddleia(Butterfly plant) here in Houston?
Does it make through our summers?
Thanks for the advice.

Cindy, MCOK said…
Lucy, my sister is absolutely hands down the best in the universe!

David, thus far it has not served to scare weeds away! Re the Buddleia, I think it depends on the variety and how you hold your mouth when you plant it. Kathy Huber at the Chronicle has had good luck with Blue Chip, which is a smaller one. They seem to be short-lived, i.e. 2-3 yrs.