Garden Bloggers, Start the Countdown!

Face it: You know you want to go!  
What are you doing the weekend of May 18th?  If you're a garden blogger, I hope your answer is the same as mine: Asheville, North Carolina, site of the 2012 Garden Bloggers' Fling!  Not only is Fling a fantastic opportunity to tour beautiful gardens and buy plants (that may or may not live in your own climate but what the heck you gotta try), it's an even better opportunity to meet/reconnect with fellow garden bloggers!  The Fling committee has been hard at work planning what promises to be another happily memorable event for us ... and we hope for them, too.   Check out the Facebook page or the link above to learn more and/or to register.  The Head Gardener and I hope to see you there!
A Garden of Heads, none of which look like the HG!


Alison said…
Those heads on sticks are just plain weird. And creepy.
Fairegarden said…
Thanks Cindy! We can't wait to reconnect with you and other friends and soon to be friends!

ps, the heads are creepy!
One of the gardens we will be visiting could very well have a stash of baby heads lying about.
Helen said…
See you in Asheville, Cindy!
Gail said…
See you before we know it! xoxogail
Rose said…
I agree, those doll heads are pretty creepy:) I made hotel reservations a month ago and just registered for Asheville--I'm so excited and looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting some new friends!
Cindy, MCOK said…
I'm looking forward to seeing all of y'all!