Hell No, I Won't Go!

January 11, 2012
Subtitle: So much for the neutrality of the Swiss ...

June 2011: The Swiss Chard prior to decapitation (read about it here)
January 2012: Same plant, no lie

OK, true confessions time again: Although I removed the magenta chard completely, I never got around to digging up the green one.  I mean, come on, it was beastly hot and the danged plant had a bulbous root unlike anything I've ever seen.  I should have taken a picture of it then.  Instead, I just now dragged the Head Undergardener in Charge of Watering (aka my daughter Hayley) outside to move the leaves away so I could show y'all what it looked like.  Feast your eyes on this monstrosity!

Man, that thing is UGGGlee!

As summer blazed on, I thought sure the root would dry up and wither away, especially since it was so close to a concrete curb.  Instead, it started putting out new leaves and I decided to leave it just to see how long it could survive.  The answer appears to be "indefinitely".  I still haven't gotten up the courage to taste those leaves, since heat allegedly makes them bitter.  If you're in my neighborhood, though, and you want to stop by and taste them for yourself, go for it!  


Carol said…
WOW, when you dig that out it's gonna leave a mark!