Same Time, This Year: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, January 2012

January 15, 2012

January 2010
As I started working on this post, I was thinking that last January's GBBD was one of the saddest showings we've ever had here at Wit's End.  I was wrong, though.  Despite the bitter cold that preceded 1/15/2011, it was Bloom Day January 2010 that set the record for fewest blooms in January.   That year I had to post pictures of indoor plants ... you'd think I lived in the frozen North!  This is the 4th January I've participated in GBBD, the brilliant brainchild of my friend Carol from May Dreams Gardens, who's celebrating the 5 year anniversary of this meme.  We garden bloggers owe her a debt of gratitude for creating an opportunity for us to chronicle our gardens' bloom cycles.   An interjection from The Head Gardener:  Damn skippy we do!  The memory of She Who Must Be Obeyed is certainly not to be relied upon, as her opening lines demonstrate.  

Excuse that interruption ... I've distracted the HG with a skinny vanilla latte, so hopefully she'll be occupied for a while.  To continue, we've only had two light freezes since early December and the damage to foliage and blooms is minor for the most part.  Thus far, the most objectionable aspect of winter has been - as always-  the preponderance of grim, gray days.  Overcast skies are usually accompanied by warm damp air at this time of year, not the cheeriest of weather.  Thankfully, I have blooms a-plenty to brighten up my days!

Pretty in Pink

Red Hot and Orange You Glad It's Bloom Day?
Purple Bloomers

Sunshine yellow on cloudy days
Happy 5th Blogiversary, Carol!  Here's to many more!


Layanee said…
Oh, so pretty and oh, so lucky! Pretty blooms for a bloom day.
Lucy Abbott said…
Cindy, Beautiful flowers and beautifully executed. I love how you grouped the blooms by color. This method really shows off each flower. Nicely Done!
HolleyGarden said…
Wow - I'm very impressed with all your blooms! It looks like spring already!
Gail said…
Beautiful in pink, purple, orange or yellow. Happy GBBD. xogail
Rose said…
It's such a treat to see all these pretty blooms in January, Cindy. Even your header photo reminds me of spring.

Yes, we do owe a debt of gratitude to Carol. My bloom day posts are the only way I can remember what was growing and blooming the year before. Now, if I was more faithful about keeping a detailed garden journal I might not need those posts, but I don't think that's going to happen in 2012 either:)