Spidey Sense: 2012

Some things never change here at Wit's End. Two years ago today, I wrote this post about the deceptively demure beauty of Spiderwort, Tradescantia virginiana, and the process by which you become disenamored of the plant.  So why did I spend most of today the same way I spent that day in January 2010, to wit,  grubbing out spiderwort seedlings around the pond? 

The answer is in the picture above: isn't she lovely?  I'm under no illusion that I got all the seedlings nor am I foolish enough to believe more won't sprout.  But at least for now, I have some illusion of control.  And this year, damn skippy I will deadhead each and every plant before it sets seed!  

P.S. If I ever ask you if you want some Spiderwort seedlings, turn around and run the other way while shouting the mantra "Friends don't let friends plant spiderwort!"


I have a backyard full of Spiderwort. It is beautiful when blooming, but it is very prolific.
Alison said…
I had lots of spiderwort in my garden when we lived in Massachusetts, and none in my new garden here in Washington. I learned my lesson. It is a pretty flower, but once it's done, it's kinda fugly.