Blasted Bulbs!

Or so I thought ... but come to find out I've been using the term incorrectly all these years!  Thanks to a chat with some fellow garden bloggers, I learned blasting refers to bulbs whose buds dry out and turn brown before opening, or emerge deformed/distorted.  This article from the University of Arkansas shows an example of daffodil bulb blast.   The 'Geranium' Narcissus pictured above are most likely suffering from too little chill time, which is frequently the cause of daffodil bulbs' blooming early on very short stems.   

At least that seems to be the most common explanation found through a Google search.  HOWEVER ... if that's the case, I do wish someone could explain to me how it happens that bulbs planted right next to each other at the same time, same depth, etc. can emerge and bloom both appropriately AND inappropriately, as seen in the picture above.  I must have looked at the ones on the right cross-eyed.  Given enough cold weather, and if I arrange my face in the proper expression when they start coming up in 2013, perhaps they'll all behave as they should.

Blasted  Dratted bulbs!


It is good to learn something new so I appreciate you educating me on this. I hadn't even heard of blasting before you mentioned it so now I've learned 2 things...blasting and chill time.
HolleyGarden said…
Never heard of blasting, either. Somehow, I feel smarter knowing this term! Thanks! As for the daffodils, I have no idea! If that was the case, I doubt anyone in Texas would have "properly chilled" daffodils, since it's usually so warm here!