Soggy Saturday

No pictures this morning, my friends ... we've had one humdinger of a storm and my hands have been full comforting a anxious and scared little blonde dog.  A Thundershirt can only do so much for her when the thunder and lightning are right on top of us ... even the usually blase' Loki kitty is restless.  I can hear him and his less-than-delighted-to-be-awakened-so-early human overhead.  Since I did a fair amount of planting yesterday, I'll be interested to see how the newly installed trees, shrubs and perennials fared during all this.  I had hoped for rain to water them in but not quite this much!


Rose said…
Did I tell you that my Arizona Daughter just moved to Houston? They're finding all the rain to be quite a change from the desert. One of her dogs refuses to go outside when it's raining, too.
So how well does the Thundershirt work? I have an Aussie who hides at the first sound of thunder, or fireworks, or hunters, or airplanes, or the weather radio..or anything else! We could use a bit more rain in our area.