Enchanted, Indeed ...

A view of the stream at Enchanted Forest, a place where I spent many happy hours 
The Bur Oak was planted at EF in memory of my cherished friend  Amy by
her Garden Gangsters.  I'm so happy this tree made it through the summer of 2011 

and is putting forth new leaves.

This little desk once belonged to the Executive Producer's grandmother.  Amy's son Drew,
a talented woodworker/furniture builder/cabinetmaker, refinished it for us.  It's all
the more special for the time and care he took.  His mom would be so delighted with his work

 and so proud of the wonderful job he's doing as a husband and father.


Gail said…
It is enchanted! Hugs to you my dear. xogail
Kathleen said…
A nice post in Amy's memory....thank you, Cindy. We miss her, don't we?
Carol said…
I want to try to go here soon. MY hubbie is handcapped-would he be able to get around ok on a scooter? Carol