Hello, Gorgeous!

Neomarica caerulea 'Regina'*
Where have you been all my life?  Oh, never mind, it doesn't matter now that you're mine.  Now tell me, Regina, my pet ... where would you like to grow?  There are some lovely spots near the pond.  Or perhaps you'd prefer the shelter of the house wall?  Yes, I agree ... you would look stunning against the mossy green of that wall.  If it please Your Majesty, I believe I'll give you some time to tour the garden before making such a life-altering decision.   Your Majesty concurs?  Thank you, fair Queen ... you grace this humble garden with your presence!


LindaCTG said…
Where did you get this? Must have. Now. Yes, she is gorgeous!!
Carol said…
She is very lovely. Hope all is well on your corner. Carol
Ory said…
What a beautiful specimen. Enjoy looking at all of the beautiful blooms. I'll bet your garden is enjoying these torrential rains. They have been so frequent lately, I almost forgot what the drought was like.

Just started using Microlife in a few of my beds and am seeing strong growth.

Happy Gardening to you!