Wildflower Wednesday: Back In The Saddle Again ...

I can never look at this flower without hearing Gene Autry in my head ... although I take exception to his description of Jimson Weed as "lowly".  It's anything but in my garden!  That faint blush of lavender along the edges of the blooms just knocks my boots off!  

Mosey on over to Clay and Limestone and see what blooms other garden bloggers are sharing with Gail on her meme.  And if you want to take a listen to Gene Autry, here's a clip!


Calling that plant a weed is a great disservice. It's lovely.
Nice! Didn't realize Gene Autry had called it lowly! LOL
Love Gene Autry. I grew up listening to him.

We just started a Garden Club, if you would like to link up,.. stop over. Most of us are not real gardners and are just having fun with it.
The post you link up does not have to be a new one
Gail said…
Loved listening to the song and love this JImson weed! xogail
Commonweeder said…
Beautiful flower - and a delight to hear Gene!