Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot & Cranky, Cranky, Cranky

As you can see on the sidebar, I've declared THE AWFUL to have officially begun and am counting down the days to October 1st, the date each year when I actually begin to believe that I may make it through another Texas summer.  Strictly speaking, it's been awful since mid-May but I've been in denial.  Too much time in cooler climes spoiled me: the mountains of North Carolina and the streets of New York City were much more to my liking than my corner of Katy.  All month long, as I cut back already overgrown plants and pull rapidly proliferating weeds, my mind keeps slipping away from the tasks at hand.  I lose myself in fantasies of turning my back on the gardens and getting the hell out of Texas, at least for the summer.  At my crankiest, I start a mental list of better places to live.  

When I said this to friends last weekend, one of them laughed and told me "you could never leave your garden."  She was shocked when I answered that yes, I could. I truly believe I could say goodbye to my corner of Katy and move on without lingering regrets. It's not that I don't have these thoughts every summer but this year, for the first time, I've considered it as possibility rather than fantasy that I could someday live and garden somewhere other than Katy.
For now, just the possibility is enough to keep me trudging through these seemingly endless summer days.  Well, that AND my plans for some weekend getaways in July and August!  


Diana said…
Ah, but try to remember that you also couldn't garden for 10 months out of the year somewhere else. (But then again, that might be appealing, too!) I'm with you - trying not to be cranky as I watch a few plants die.
It wold be difficult to leave your garden but I think you could put down roots in a new place...a blank slate might be fun!
Layanee said…
The question is 'Where is the perfect gardening spot in the world'? You are just hot and tired so leave the garden to the vagaries of nature and stay in the air conditioned house with a margarita or two. Or, come visit me!
Gail said…
Cindy, My friend I hear you and totally understand. It's been miserable summer after miserable summer. I am considering a move, too. xogail
Alison said…
Move to Seattle. Or Portland. I start gardening in February and quit in October. Not every day. It's cloudy and rainy/drizzly, but it's cool.
Carol said…
Cindy, I hear you and understand completely. The time for Southern Hibernation (the time of the year people in the deep south run from the car AC to the house AC)has begun way too early. If it's 100+ NOW what will August and September be like? Hang in there! December is right around the corner! (not)Carol
If you really want to garden all year, but in a place not so, dare I say, miserable, there's always Palm Beach, FL, right on the ocean. It gets hot in summer, but not unbearably so. Of course, I love having the winter off to dream my garden dreams.
I'm so sorry. I feel your pain in your words Cindy. Hang in there.~~Dee
Don't most Texas get a little cranky during the heat of summer? Last summer I told my husband that we had made a big mistake moving to Texas from the northeast...and I really like it here most of the year. I'm hoping this year it won't be as bad.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I appreciate the sympathy and the commiseration. At least we've gotten rain this week ... it didn't cool things down much but it certainly does save me some time out there in the heat!