Business As Usual On My Corner of Katy

Clematis unknownus (Ramona, is that you?)
First off, an update on my Franken-leg, as Dee Nash of Red Dirt Ramblings called it.  Increased swelling in one spot sent me back to the ER on July 30th and necessitated the removal of 4 staples so the nurse-practitioner could check the wound for infection.  They sent me home with a different antibiotic and instructions to keep resting and elevating the leg. By Wednesday, I was still feeling a bit anxious about it so I made a call to my orthopedist.  Blessings be upon Dr. Alan Rechter and his staff for working me in and reassuring me that my complications were minor.  They did prescribe a new cleaning and dressing regimen to minimize the risks of staph infection, including the ever-attractive Ace bandage.  I returned the following week to have the remaining staples removed but am still under orders to keep it bandaged until they see me next week.  It's looking much better but that's going to be one heck of a scar.  Having a tattoo designed around it has been suggested.  I have not completely ruled out the idea.

Gulf Fritillary nectaring on Verbena bonariensis 
I did get clearance after my first visit to Dr. Rechter to resume my normal activities as I felt able.  So I've been getting out into the garden, despite the hellatious heat, attempting to tame the overgrown mess that I see in the back gardens. The rains we had in early July sent the plants into a frenzy of growth.  The lack of adequate rainfall in recent weeks, though, means there's not enough moisture in the soil to keep that growth healthy.  I hand water as I can but much of the back garden has been left to fend for itself.  It's not doing such a great job of it in some areas.  When even the drought-tolerant plants are drooping in the morning, I know it's too dry!

The centerpiece of this planting is Brazilian Buttonbush.  That's ONE plant, y'all. ONE.   
The front and streetside gardens are watered regularly by a sprinkler system so they're mostly in better shape.  This planting in the rose bed has really taken off.  Plants in that area include Catmint, Brazilian buttonbush, pink Cuphea, purple trailing Lantana, moss Verbena, 'Fuchsia Fountains' Scutellaria, pink native Scutellaria, and white Alyssum (go figure what that's doing blooming when it's supposed to be a cool season annual). 
The Coral Vine is using a Mexican Buckeye tree for support.  The bees LOVE the blooms.

As always this time of year, my enthusiasm for gardening has taken a nosedive. I reach a point every summer where nothing looks good to me and I want to rip out most of what's planted.  What stops me from doing so?  This year it's the abundance of bees and butterflies that visit the blooms. They don't care how it looks ... they're happy to have so many nectar sources.  I'm working towards being more like those pollinators, content with what I have rather than what I don't.

'Caldwell Pink', a found rose, is rarely out of bloom.


VirginiaC said…
Cindy, please don't overdo on your leg....even though you've been advised to do as much as you feel fit, please take it easy.
I know you want to get back in the swing of things, but the garden will be okay until you are back on your leg 100%.
Take care.
Despite the heat and drought you have some lovely views remaining!
Carol said…
You will have a gardening battle scar! Klutz that I am, I have many. The butterfly almost looks painted on that fence it is so bright! I understand the nosedive feeling. I said "I hate August" so many times on Saturday that hubbie said "hush". Fine. I'll so sit in the AC then! Glad you are up and about, Carol
Anonymous said…
hey lady, glad to hear you're healing up, sorry it's taking so long. can't think of a better time of year to be cooped up tho - lord knows it's too hot and melty out there to do much of anything, let alone rip stuff out. that's all i've wanted to do lately too. prune and rip out. but the butterflies, bees and wasps tell me otherwise. hang in there girlie, hope to see you soon xox
Rose said…
Glad you are doing better, Cindy, though it sounds like you had a few scary moments. I think a tattoo of a butterfly would be a great way to cover up that battle scar! I think we all reach a point of discontent every summer--mine hit in July when the A/C broke down. Take a cue from the butterflies and just sit back and enjoy them and take it easy for awhile.
Plant Stands said…
Texas in August...yikes! Even hotter than it has been here in Atlanta. Even so, you still have some beautiful flowers...thanks for sharing the photos.