In The Garden on Bloom Day: October 2012


That's where the Head Gardener and I were ... and where we've been pretty much every day since.  I did run out at the end of the day Monday to take some pictures but I'm only now finding time and energy to post them.  Although the weather is still a little too close to awful temperature wise - in the high 80s and low 90s with beaucoup de humidity - the HG and I continue to slog away in the hopes that a REAL cool front will come through even as we work.  Thus far all we've gotten is teaser cool fronts, that get our hopes up and then dash them cruelly to the ground.  That's evidently going to be the case with the latest front as well. Pfui.
We find comfort in our time of affliction from the bounteous blooms of two fall favorites: the ex-Asters and 'Country Girl' mums.   The Blackfoot Daisies continue to delight as well.

Then there's the Pink Muhly Grass, aka Gulf Coast Muhly.  Would that the HG and I possessed such beauty and grace!

As far as the bees are concerned, there is nothing as attractive, even seductive, as the Coral Vine (Antigonon leptopus).  When we walk by these plants, the air vibrates from the hum of happy pollinators!

Every year I think the time has finally come for me to assert my dominance over the Coral Vine. And every year it gets away from me.  The white CV uses a Texas Persimmon as an arbor, while the pink climbs the fence, a Mexican Buckeye, Sweet Olive, Mexican Bauhinia and 'Pam's Pink' Turks' Caps.

New to my corner of Katy this year are Lespedeza 'Little Volcano' and Pink Surprise Bush (Orthosiphon labiatus) but they lost no time in settling in and partying down with 'Country Girl'.

Thanks to the hostess with the mostest, Carol of May Dreams Gardens, who sponsors the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day party every month.  Check out her blog, where you'll find links to other Bloom Day posts!


Your garden has certainly responded well to the heat. Happy (belated) Bloom Day!
Gail said…
It all looks marvelous~I know what you mean about needing to assert dominance over a plant~They are several that have had their way too long in my garden! gail
I'm waiting for the real thing (cold front) myself; perhaps it's here today??? I've tried to grow coral vine a few times here and have not been successful. I really do like it though I'll think twice about where I try it next.
Rose said…
That pink Muhly grass really shines in your garden--beautiful! I don't have coral vine, but I had a cardinal vine this season that threatened to take over the whole arbor bed--I would find stray tendrils ten feet away from the trellis, trying to wrap themselves around every plant in sight.

We're having a mini-heat wave today, too--in the 70's:) I'm glad the days of 90-degree temps are over for us, but I'm not looking forward to the cold.