Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: March 2013

Today was a beautiful sunny day, albeit a bit windy, and  instead of showing what's blooming on my corner of Katy, I thought I'd show you what's blooming out at Treesearch Farms, my favorite local grower and wholesale nursery. I consider myself a horthead but Treesearch owner Heidi Sheesley makes me look like a poser ... she's been gardening since she was a toddler and her enthusiasm for plants has made Houston a more beautiful city.  Before I got down to the serious business of selecting plants, I strolled the grounds of Treesearch with my camera and added a few plants to my wish list in the process.   

This is Bartlett's Bauhinia, B. bartlettii.
It's one I've never seen before and if I could
only figure out where it would fit, I would
consider it a must have!
I forgot to get an ID on the tree but look at the Silver Mound Lantana
growing underneath.  That's a Salvia greggii on the left behind it.

I do believe this is the coolest arch I have EVER seen. WANT.

Seriously. This is beyond awesome.

'Coral Beauty' rose ... I used to have this.  Wish I still did!

Rose pink Achillea ... do you say Uh-kill-EE-uh or Uh-kill-LAY-a?
Several of the garden bloggers had a discussion about this but
failed to resolve the issue.

Rose 'Safrano'

Callirhoe involucrata, Winecup, has been my favorite spring wildflower
since I was a child.

You can surely understand why when you look at this bloom!
'Homestead Purple' verbena planted with 'Passalong Pink'
verbena is stunning.

I have 'Homestead Purple' but I brought home a
'Passalong Pink' for the express purpose of creating this combination.

Coral Salvia greggi with a snapdragon 

Iris 'Cemetery White', a Southern favorite

If you're a Texas gardener, you are legally required to plant
bluebonnets. Well, you should be.

This may be Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes', I didn't see a label. 

It's as pretty in the midst of opening as it is in full bloom!

Lemon shrimp plant with Paco's Possumhaw in the background

Cestrum (Orange Peel?)

This fellow obligingly posed for me on the banks of the pond.

This small tree was my favorite plant today.  It's a
big-flowered Silverbell (Halesia).

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is the brainchild of Carol of May Dreams Gardens.  Visit her there to see what's blooming in other gardens around the world!


Irvin said…
I love that arch too. BUY IT!!!
Ha, guess I'm a Texas gardener then (I have some bluebonnets this year). Thanks for the tour Cindy!
Gail said…
I want the Passalong Pink verbena, too, it's stunning with the Homestead Purple. Follow Irwin's advice and get that arch!
Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I just ordered some of the Passalong Pink Verbena too. Thanks for the pictures!
Carol Michel said…
Texas is all in bloom! No fair!
Kathy said…
Thank you for the tour. I'd like to grow wine cups someday.
That arch is scary! What about uh-KILL-ee-a?

That looks like a fun nursery!
Alison said…
Thanks for taking us along on this trip to a cool nursery! I enjoyed it a lot. I would want that arch with all the hands too, but what would your family say next time you asked for a hand out in the garden?

I used to have a winecup in my old Massachusetts garden, which I got in a swap. Haven't seen it anywhere in the nurseries here, I should just buy a couple from somewhere online. I love the way it twines through the bed.
This looks like my kind of place!! So many beautiful things to see and BUY! I would have left with a truck load!!
Nelson said…
The rose pink achillea would be my favorite. Lovely flowers. The reason why I love this flower so much is that it is pest and disease free however the only pest likely to bother them is greenfly in hot dry weather.
Cindy, MCOK said…
The arch was not for sale, sadly! I love the creepy factor of it.