There's One In Every Crowd ... and Garden!

Long ago, I decided to banish hot colors - the reds, the oranges, the yellows - to the front gardens and limited the color palette in the back gardens to various hues of pink, purple, blue and white. The poppies I chose to plant in back were singles and doubles in a glorious shade of pink, as seen above.

Last year I was perplexed to find some red poppies blooming amid the pinks but I carefully removed the pods before they ripened and popped open to scatter their progeny.  Yesterday morning, when the bloom on this poppy opened, I swear I heard Mother Nature laughing.  Or maybe it was the garden fairies.

It's smack dab in the front of the pastel plantings along the south fence line.  So much for any illusion of control ... what a beautiful way to lose it, though!


Alison said…
Gorgeous! So tall and straight. I have so many floppy poppies here, it's frustrating.
These are just beautiful! I sure hope you didn't pull out that red's so pretty. Your pink Poppies look just like the ones in my garden. Last year on the garden tour I told everyone that visited to write down what seeds they wanted. Two flowers won hands down...the pink Poppies and the Love in a Mist.
Lancashire rose said…
I gave up on banishing certain colors. I even let the Flanders poppies run wild. Never really liked red but those red poppies are stunning.
It is beautiful, but I can see why you tried to keep it out of your vision. Mother Nature does have a way of getting what she wants though. Beautiful everything.~~Dee
Kathy said…
I am pretty desperate for color at this point, so it looks great to me!
Nelson said…
So lovely.. seems like Mother Nature won't agree with your plan on putting the red poppies at the back..
Carol said…
Who are we to fight Mother Nature?
Rose said…
Lol, the best laid plans...:) My red poppies--from seed you gave me back in 09 in Chicago, I think--are all red, too, and clash with everything else, but I love them!
David said…
I'm glad you can go with the flow. And what choice do we have anyway? LOL
Yes, the two plants sound wonderful.
And if you ever want to start your Bromeliad obsession/addiction, you know where to go. I'll more than oblige you.
Our local spring flower festival called Floriade has the same problem, it always makes me smile to see the occasional cheeky little bloom doing its own thing colourwise.