Let's see how this mobile blogging works!

This morning, as I was wandering the perimeter, some neighbors stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed my garden. Chuck and Christina moved here from Alabama in August. They are eager to create gardens at their new home and I'm delighted at the prospect of having some fellow gardeners in the neighborhood.

I told him how to find my blog and suggested they look at the past posts to see the evolution of the garden. I admitted somewhat ruefully that I have been remiss in posting in recent months. Got me thinking: what if I tried blogging using an app on my phone? How would that work?

So here we are, about to find out! It's a beautiful spring like day on my corner of Katy and I am sitting outside with coffee and breakfast, enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures. That's the view from the chair at top. 


Alison said…
Looks like it worked just fine! Glad to see the beautiful blue skies and lovely weather you are having, from me here in the miserable, gray, blustery PNW. I hope your new neighbors turn out to be birds of a feather.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I forgot to say that the reason I was trying out mobile blogging was complete and utter outage of our U-Verse service from yesterday evening until this afternoon. Happily, we are back amongst the connected, thanks to a kind and helpful repair technician.
Ha, I'm not sure I could've typed that many words on my phone - you done good!
Rose said…
I'm with Jean--I'd never be able to type this much on my phone:) I've never been able to write blog posts on my iPad either--is there an app for Blogger? How nice to have neighbors who share your love of gardening!
CommonWeeder said…
I don't even have a tablet because of the typing necessary - although I supposed uncomfortable typing might make one's writing more powerful and succicnt.