November Blooms on My Corner of Katy: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day November 2015

Pour Paris et pour tout la France:
a bloom on my Souvenir de la Malmaison rose,
a beautiful reminder of another time in history when
life was fraught with pain and turmoil
It's been a beautiful Sunday here on my corner of Katy and I took a break from working in the garden to just sit outside and savor the sunshine and cool breezes, and do my best to work through the sadness I feel about our broken world.  I was going to say let go of the sadness but I wonder if that isn't part of what's broken in so many people: we don't want to acknowledge, feel or process our emotions so we "let it go" and it becomes angry hateful thoughts that often become angry hateful words and angry hurtful acts.  

My gardens have always been a place of comfort and solace for me and knowing that others find peace and beauty on my corner of Katy reminds me that all most of us can do is tend our own little corner of the world in hopes that it will make a difference. Think globally, act locally.  Do your best to find peace in your own heart. It's a start.  

Thank you to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  


Anonymous said…
I loved this Cindy. Hang in there and process. ~~Dee
Gail said…
Well said Cindy. xoxo
Kathy said…
I agree, well said. And I'm glad you're getting cooler weather.
Thanks for verbalizing that...this is a sad weekend. I am glad your garden is still lovely and you have a place of refuge.
Rose said…
Lovely to see all your blooms on this gloomy, rainy day in Illinois, Cindy. I agree that each of us can only do so much, but "tending our own little corner of the world" is a place to start.