Excitement Abounds On My Corner of Katy!

Last month, working in the back garden, I found a small volunteer plant growing on the edge of one of the beds in the back garden, a plant I didn't recognize. So I left it there and carefully monitored its growth ... by which I mean, I forgot all about the darned thing until I walked out one morning and found it blooming.  How a White Prickly Poppy came to be blooming on my corner of Katy, I cannot say. Did it hitch a ride in the soil of some other plant, perhaps one brought home from my last trip to Austin? Did a bird plant it? It's one of those horticultural mysteries, as is a second seedling I found growing in one of the front gardens just yesterday.  

As excited I was to find this Texas wildflower in my gardens, it can't compare to my excitement at getting to share those gardens with my dear friends and fellow garden bloggers, Carol of May Dreams Gardens and Leslie of Growing A Garden in Davis. We'll all be on our way to Austin tomorrow for the 10th annual Garden Bloggers Fling, where we'll reunite with more friends from Flings past and meet some new ones.