Summery Summary: July 2018 on My Corner of Katy

The weather turned evil earlier than usual this summer and we had August in July, with daytime temperatures in the high 90s and nights in the high 70s. A 2+ inch rainstorm on July 4th was the last time my corner of Katy received any significant rain. The gardens still require my attention, though, so I do my best to make my outside several days a week and spend some time attempting some degree of control over the chaos. The sun's glare is so fierce that I only managed to take 3 pictures throughout the month of July, which I had intended to post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I probably took a cool shower and a nap instead.

Clematis 'Romantika' and 'Comtesse de Bouchard' from
Silver Star Vinery bloomed all month long. The Comtesse
only had a handful of blooms but to manage any at all in
such infelicitous weather is admirable.

I think this is Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love'
but the bloom is larger than I expected. So maybe
it's another variety whose name I don't remember.
That happens on occasion. 
A late afternoon picture doesn't display the Gaura to their best advantage
in my sunny back gardens. The pure white blooms have closed and 
the rosy undersides are all you can see. There are also stiff-leaved verbena blooming at the bottom of the picture and the pink blooms of 'Carefree Beauty' rose mixed in
amongst the Gaura.


Anonymous said…
Amazingly, it still looks very green my friend.~~Dee
Gail said…
I agree with Dee. It looks good. xo
Kathy said…
I am surprised clematis grow there at all.
Rebecca said…
It's looking good to me. We've been so dry up here too. We're expecting rain this week. Hope you get some too!
outlawgardener said…
Really green considering you haven't had rain for so long and it's been so hot. You've done a good job keeping everything watered!