So Much for Good Intentions ...

Didn't I say recently that I was going to make an effort to post more often? I wish I could say my failure to do so was due to my spending hours on end in the garden each of the last 10 days. I've actually spent more time inside than out, highly unusual for me at this time of year. Looking back at my ten year garden journal, here's excerpts from my entries:
  • November 4th: Cloudy & humid. Replanted Reggae Time agaves because they were rotting. Put them in small pots on DR patio. [That was all I did that day.]
  • November 5th: Worked in back, spread pea gravel beside pond ... manure/compost/humus in River Birch bed. Feeling out of sorts, not enjoying my time in the garden.
  • November 6th: Come ON - when is it going to feel like fall again?
  • November 7th: Weather a bit cooler, very sunny. Worked in rose bed and along DL bed.
  • November 8th: Clear and cool at 8 a.m. First flock of geese today! Worked in back ... Worked on streetside vitex/pruned. [I was out most of that day, I remember that, because it was so lovely.]
  • November 9th: Arbor Gate with Mom. 2 Salvia regla, 1 Anthony Parker Salvia/lavender (why did I let salesclerk talk me into that?), 1 Stokesia, 1 Purple Woods Aster, 2 Mexican Oregano, 1 Clerodendrum Musical Notes ...
  • November 10th: Raining at 8, started up again later. ... Rained most of afternoon. No gardening today.
  • November 11th: Unpleasantly warm & humid. Sun in & out. No rain as of 3 pm here.
  • November 12th: Major storms from midnight till 3 am or so.
So I've only spent significant time in the garden 3 out of the last 10 days. I wish I knew what in the name of Chipping Sodbury I did the rest of the time!

The pictures are of my Neon Rose Amaryllis. Purchased on October 25th and planted on the 27th, the first blooms opened on November 10th, exactly two weeks after planting.


Anonymous said…
I wish I'd been out there more too. Your Amaryllis is beautiful, Cindy. We'll take your posts when we can get them, girl, you've got lots to do.~~Dee
Gail said…
A very good question that I have been asking myself! I have come to the conclusion that my midwestern brain set expects to rest until spring! It doesn't matter that I have gardened all my adult life in the mid south!

Love the new header photo! Very nice bloom on the Amaryllis, too!

Wow--that is some pretty plant! I need to buy narcissus paperwhites so I can start forcing them to bloom indoors. But I think I will wait until Dec. I like blooms in January.
Sounds like you're in a bit of a gardening slump. I bet you'll be itching to get back out there when the mosquitoes aren't as fierce & the weather cools off.
Carol Michel said…
Sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping up with your garden journaling! Good job, and I love that amaryllis, too.

Keep on postin'!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Anonymous said…
I have to go to the garden this weekend and it is supposed to rain! Oh well, get out the muck boots. Life does seem to sometimes get in the way of gardening doesn't it. That amaryllis is a gorgeous color and another side shoot emerges.
How incredibly fast your amaryllis bloomed! Love the color. Must get some amaryllis and get out in the garden too...mumble, mumble...
vertie said…
Beautiful amaryllis. Is it living inside or out?
Cindy, MCOK said…
Dee, I need to start getting up earlier and going to bed later so I can accomplish everything I want!

Gail, I've gardened all my life here. When we have cold fronts like the one that blew in Friday, I have a hard time not keeping up my usual routine. The plants probably wish I would stay inside & give them a break.

MT, that's why I'm waiting until January to plant the 3 amaryllis bulbs I bought online. I have five already potted up (including Neon Rose).

MMD, I was indeed in a slump but you're right, the cold snap invigorated me! Maybe a little too much ... I just HAD to dig up and move that Cuban Gold Duranta yesterday.

Carol, I am very glad I went ahead and bought that journal. I'm keeping it here by the computer and that seems to work well.

Layanee, I'm impressed that you're still out there gardening ... I thought it was bitterly cold in RI already? I hope the muck boots didn't get too much of a workout.

Jean, I had no idea I'd get blooms that soon! I've got another amaryllis, Red Pearl, that seems to be on the fast track also.

Vertie, it's inside, as are the 4 others already potted. Do NOT ask me where I'll put the 3 others when I get them potted up. Oh, wait, I just saw a spot!
Anonymous said…
lol,so nice
Anonymous said…
Coming to your BLOG, I feel a good start!