That Was The Week That Was ...

What was marvelous on Monday:

Double Opie-M Poppy

What was over the top on Tuesday:

Texas Betony and Laura Bush Petunia scream for attention in a back border while Sweet Alyssum attempts to keep the peace.

What was wonderful about Wednesday:

The first bloom on the Buttercream California Poppies, which appears to be curling its lip at me. These were purchased from Renee's Seeds and direct sown.

What was thrilling on Thursday:

Aquilegia dichroa, Purple Columbine/Blue Columbine (I've seen it labeled as both)

What was fabulous on Friday:

Doot, doot, doot ... looking out my back door late this afternoon
after the rain had passed


Frances said…
Hi Cindy, that was just the best round up of the week. The Texas betony is a beauty. Is it Stachys coccinea? I managed to kill that last year and if I come across it will give it another go. I love that color and form. I love the Opie-M poppy too, we have those and I am never sure what to call them. Now I know. :-)
CiNdEe's GaRdEn said…
Your garden is just beautiful! I love all the flowers growing!
Mindy said…
Cindy, I *love* poppies. Seeing all those sunny blooms makes me feel like it is summer. I've haven't done any in quite some time, but you have reignited my interest. Thanks for sharing... our last hard frost date is May 15! So things don't get summery here really until June 1. Your garden is SO beautiful. Makes up for all the mud, moss and mist we have in the Seattle area. Have a great weekend; looking forward to next week's update. ~ Melinda
I love that columbine! Actually everything is lovely but I think I'm having a columbine crush this year.
Brenda Pruitt said…
We've had rain, rain and more rain. Today has been cold, but no rain. A good day. But also no gardening. Oddly enough, it's a windy day here.
MA said…
good grief! Look at all your flowers! Wow. And your header keeps getting more floriferous as well.