What I Brought Home With Me From Spring Fling

Are memories ...

Memories of a breathtakingly beautiful garden nestled
amidst skyscrapers ... the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park ...
first seen in the late afternoon light of
an already happily memorable Friday ...

And revisited on a Sunday morning because once
just wasn't enough ...

And even glimpsed through a gap in the window of
the Art Institute of Chicago (another venue that left me
breathless and in tears from the beauty I saw there)

But the most cherished memories I brought home
with me are of spending time with so many wonderful garden
bloggers, who share my love of gardens and words. Pictured here
are Elizabeth from Gardening While Intoxicated and Garden Rant,
who is spearheading next year's event in Buffalo, New York; Carol of
May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis, the sponsor of Garden
Bloggers' Bloom Day; Leslie of Growing A Garden in Davis, one of 3 Californians
to make the trip; and the Head Gardener here on my corner of Katy.

Many thanks to Chicagoan Mr. McGregor's Daughter, who said yes when last year's Spring Fling organizers asked her if Chicago garden bloggers could host the 2009 event ... mille grazie, Barbara! And thank you to the Chicago Spring Fling committee for all they did to make the weekend so special.


Carol Michel said…
I brought home some great memories, too! I loved that Lurie Garden, and I loved spending time with other avid gardeners/bloggers!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Gail said…
You are so right, the memories of the laughter shared and garden talk with old friends and new will last a very long time! I wished there had been more time for visiting...Who knew that we would be so exhausted at the end of the day and have no energy for visiting!

Rose said…
Hi, Cindy, it was great to be able to meet you this past weekend! Spring Fling was an unforgettable experience, and I agree meeting other garden bloggers was the best part. I revisited the Lurie Sunday morning as well; the river of salvia just seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on all of us, I think. I'm lucky I live within driving distance of Chicago, because there was so much to see, I want to go back!
You're welcome! I'm so glad you had a great time here. Thanks for coming.
Kylee Baumle said…
Cindy, it was great to meet you last weekend! I regret we didn't get to visit with each other more. I see this complaint from nearly everyone. There was so much to see and do in such a small span of time!

Thank you SO much for the poppy seeds! When I plant them next year, I'll be sure to send a picture of them in bloom, provided I am successful with these beauties that many times snub their nose at me.

Which type of poppies are these again?
Cindy it was a real pleasure meeting you and great fun spending time with all those happy gardeners. I sowed the poppy seeds today and a bunch of baptisia seeds I collected last fall. Now what could have inspired that?
Great post and some great memories. I know exactly what you mean about the Art Institute leaving you in tears. It has done that to me many times. I'll be sure to look you up next time I'm in Houston, which will hopefully be in the next couple of months!
EAL said…
When I see a collection like that at the Art Institute, I feel like I'm recognizing old friends I never thought I'd see again (even when it's work I've not seen before).

I'm glad you were able to make time to see it!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, from the moment I walked into the hotel and saw you in the lobby until we said goodbye at the Lurie, I enjoyed your company immensely!

Gail, as I was making my way home Monday, I realized that I'd hardly had any time at all with you! I do hope the Executive Producer and I can make a trip to Nashville over the summer ... we'll make up for lost time!

Rose, you must go back to Chicago and get pictures of the Lurie in the fall for all of us who don't live closer! I'm so happy to have met you. Since I live on a Texas prairie, I look forward to reading your blog and comparing our experiences!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Dang, I hit enter before I meant to! Barbara, THANK YOU for all that you did to make the weekend such a fabulous one! Hey, I forgot to get anemonella seedlings from you ... maybe I'll have you send me some in the fall. No sense in doing it now, they'd just fry!

Kylee, I wish we'd had more time to visit, too. I look forward to doing it next year! The poppies are pink Papaver somniferum. I call them Opie-M poppies! We usually sow them in late fall/early winter but I would imagine you could scatter them now. I hope they make, as we Southern gardeners say, and I look forward to pictures of them in bloom!

Christopher, I enjoyed visiting with you on the bus. Tell Ani that she must let me know if she visits her relatives in Katy! I envy you being able to grow those beautiful Baptisia. I expect to see pictures of them blooming outside Clyde!

Jean, you were a great strolling buddy and I'm glad we got to see so many beautiful sights together! I'll look forward to your visit to Houston!

EAL, to stand in front of a Monet and know that he stood in such a spot and studied the painting, moving back and forward again, then off to the side, thinking and considering ... knowing that I'm echoing his movements and thoughts in my own small way hits me very powerfully each and every time.